Mission, Vision, Values, Method

Here’s a working sketch of what we’re all about! We’ll be updating the website and recording the first podcast episodes soon.


Mission: To promote mental wellness by creating opportunities to participate in artistic expression and outdoor experiences.

Vision: A vibrant community whose creative content and shared experiences replace stereotypes of “mental illness” with substantive relationships and discussion. We seek to enable and empower people to tell their stories, change their lives and share hope with others.

W: The inherent worth and dignity of all human life.
– E: Artistic and personal excellence.  
– L: Active, constructive listening.
L: Love and let live – Understanding and civility for people of all viewpoints and walks of life.

– Podcast: Stories of individual journeys toward mental wellness.
– Blog: Articles related to mental health.
– Mentoring: Free help for people who want to express themselves and tell their story. This includes tutoring, editing, art/music lessons and more.
– Outdoor pursuits: Free guided outdoor experiences with an emphasis on the therapeutic power of nature.
– Forum: Online community of collaboration and mobilization.


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